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Graphic Details Rebranding Project – Storefront

New year, new look - introducing the new storefront for Graphic Details, Inc., complete with our new logo and branding!

We started with the sign - the first impression many see off of Central Avenue. It prominently features our new logo - our take on a CMYK registration mark with our own distinct colors, along with a mouse arrow that suggests hitting a precise target.

Next, we replaced the door graphics, which also feature our logo and relevant business information in our official Futura font.

The window graphics show off our services in primary colors in the foreground, which stand out from a light gray background illustration inspired by both the Chino and Chino Hills city logos. The six panels that make up the storefront decals are made from perforated vinyl, which allows customers to see the artwork from outside, while we can still see through it from inside - enjoying the view of Ayala Park across the street.

For more, see the setup and installation process in the images below.